Who can benefit?

heartStress, anxiety, burnout and depression are a growing global problem.  They can affect anyone, regardless of background, culture, location, health or wealth – and that includes you.

Mindfulness is used by mothers, senior business professionals, athletes and cancer patients. From the young to the elderly, Mindfulness can be used by anyone to:

  • Feel more relaxed
  • Work with physical, mental or emotional problems
  • Cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life

Mindfulness is practiced by people the world over to help improve work-related stress, physical pain, sickness, and psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Mindfulness can help if you are looking to reduce stress, anxiety and improve your enjoyment of life, or if you’re looking for an alternative way to reduce pain and bodily discomfort.

Is Mindfulness for you?

Try an taster session and experience Mindfulness for yourself in a friendly, safe environment or call Mat on 07946 818012 for a confidential chat. Alternatively use the contact page to send a message and we’ll get back to you.