Coaching with Mindfulness


Mindfulness-based coachingFirstly, coaching is all about you! My role as your coach is therefore to respond to your needs and the issues or situations you want to explore. Being coached and supported through change is a rewarding process, but because we need to think differently and find new solutions it also challenges us. Coaching provides a supportive relationship for growth and change, and because of this we are empowered and supported to approach situations differently. Thinking differently and being different enable us to make changes we have previously avoided or not thought possible. Working together with an experienced coach can help us learn, develop, improve our work and life and to achieve our goals.

My experience

I trained to coach in 2012 with The OCM and have been coaching since then to help individuals achieve their goals. I have experience of coaching staff at all levels within commercial and not-for-profit organisations. I have worked in a range of professional and managerial positions and with a wide variety of people. I therefore have a firm foundation for working alongside coaching clients to help them find solutions to the challenges they face.

What kind of issues do I work with?

Coaching involves helping clients clarify and resolve issues and to develop strategies to help them move towards particular goals. Identifying specific goals to work on over an agreed timeframe provides focus while clarity comes from relaxing our familiar attitudes and seeing things from a new perspective. I’ve helped people work on the following kinds of issues:

  • Developing insight to help deal with negative experiences and identify more effective approaches
  • Overcoming limiting self-beliefs, managing perfectionism and the inner critic
  • Career change and career choice issues, developing clarity about future directions
  • Becoming more flexible in their thinking in order to get ‘unstuck’
  • Improving their leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Managing anxiety ahead of high-stakes presentations and events

How I work

My approach is open and holistic with an intention to support you to develop an embodied self-awareness that acknowledges your strengths. I will support you to compassionately explore solutions to any challenges you face on the way to realising your goals. The experience I bring as a Psychotherapist and Mindfulness teacher can help you find a steadiness in the midst of challenging situations and to access and work through any emotional blockages. We all have patterns and familiar ways in which we approach situations in our life, and Mindfulness helps you become more attuned and aware of what may be preventing you from developing in the way you would like to.

Coaching can help if you would like to:

  • Work through a particular issue or situation
  • Get clarity over a future direction
  • Resolve a complex or messy problem
  • Identify and unlock your patterns or emotional barriers to growth and learning
  • Resolve a sense of being stuck
  • Deal with anxiety or stress around an upcoming event or work situation

Coaching can help! Call Mat on 07946 818012 to arrange an initial session.

Delivered on an individual 1-1 basis, each session lasts for an hour during which I will support you to to explore whatever issues or challenges you are facing and above all, develop a clear set of actions to move you forwards.

What is the cost?

A package of 6 Mindfulness-based coaching sessions costs £400.

Arranging an initial session

To discuss whether coaching feels right for you or to arrange an initial session call Mat on 07946 818012, or use the contact form to send me a message and I will get back to you.