Personal practice mentoring

Have you completed an eight-week Mindfulness course? Mentoring helps you deepen your practice and your understanding of Mindfulness. Because this personalised ongoing support is tailored to your specific needs, it will help you apply Mindfulness skills to the whole of your life.

Mentoring can take place in-person or online via Skype. Both options enable you to get the support you need in the way that suits you best. Both are effective and will help you deepen your understanding of Mindfulness.

Personal mentoring supports your ongoing Mindfulness practice through one-to-one sessions with an experienced Mindfulness teacher.

Mentoring is suitable for:

  • Anyone who has completed a group or individual eight-week mindfulness course (including distance learning courses)
  • Participants in a Mindfulness course who want more personalised and tailored support
  • Trainee mindfulness teachers who are currently on or waiting to join a Mindfulness¬† teacher training programme

Further information and bookings

To discuss mentoring for your personal Mindfulness practice, please contact Mat.