Mindfulness-based coaching


treesWorking together with an experienced coach can help us learn, develop, improve our work and life and to achieve our goals. Coaching is all about you, not me. My role as your coach is to respond to your needs and the issues or situations you want to explore.

I have five years experience of coaching individuals to achieve their goals and I am a member of the Internal Coaches Network at The Open University where I coach staff at all levels within the organisation. Having worked in a range of professional positions and with a wide variety of people in different contexts provides me with a firm foundation for working alongside all coaching clients to help them find solutions to the challenges they face.

My approach is open and holistic with an intention to support you to develop an embodied self-awareness that acknowledges your strengths, while supporting you to explore solutions to any challenges you face on the way to realising your goals. The experience I bring as a Mindfulness teacher can help you find a steadiness in the midst of challenging situations, and to access and work through more deeply held blockages. We all have patterns and familiar ways in which we approach situations in our life, and using Mindfulness helps you become more attuned and aware of what may be preventing you from developing and changing in the ways that you would like to.

Delivered on an individual 1-1 basis, each session lasts for an hour during which I will support you to to explore whatever issues or challenges you are facing and develop a clear set of actions to move you forwards.

A package of 6 Mindfulness-based coaching sessions costs £360 per person. To discuss Mindfulness-based coaching or to book an initial session, please contact Mat.